AJT provides electrical products and equipment for shipping, offshore and industry
from world-renowned suppliers.

Our broad range of products includes explosion proof lamps and lighting, navigation, cables, batteries, switchgear and much more.
All certified to meet global standards and perform to the highest level of safety and reliability in hazardous locations and environments.

Total amount of products: 348

Fluke Soft Case, C280

Cat. no. 312940

Fluke Soft Case, C781

Cat. no. 312948

Fluke Large Fabric Carrying Case, C789

Cat. no. 312954

Fluke Hard Case, C20

Cat. no. 313024

Fluke Hard Carrying Case, C100

Cat. no. 313030

Fluke Heavy Duty Hard Case, C120

Cat. no. 313042

Fluke Tough Polyprophylene Case, C800

Cat. no. 313054

Fluke Holster Yellow, C10

Cat. no. 313124

Fluke T-pak - Tool Pack Magnetic Meter Hanging Kit

Cat. no. 313160

Fluke Clamp Meter Holster, H3

Cat. no. 313184

Fluke Electrical Tester Holster, H5

Cat. no. 313196

Fluke Bead Probe Wire, 80PK-1

Cat. no. 313612

Fluke Integrated DMM Bead Probe Wire, 80BK-A

Cat. no. 313618

Fluke Immersion Probe, 80PK-22

Cat. no. 313624

Fluke Surface Probe, 80PK-3A

Cat. no. 313630

Fluke Air Probe, 80PK-24

Cat. no. 313636

Fluke Piercing Probe, 80PK-25

Cat. no. 313642

Fluke Pipe Clamp Probe, 80PK-8

Cat. no. 313660

Fluke General Purpose Probe, 80PK-9

Cat. no. 313666

Fluke Universal Temperature Modulewith Probe, 80T-150UA

Cat. no. 313712

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