AJT provides electrical products and equipment for shipping, offshore and industry
from world-renowned suppliers.

Our broad range of products includes explosion proof lamps and lighting, navigation, cables, batteries, switchgear and much more.
All certified to meet global standards and perform to the highest level of safety and reliability in hazardous locations and environments.

Total amount of products: 381

Philips GLS-lamp 24V 40W E27 A60 clear

Cat. no. 602548

Philips GLS-lamp 24V 60W E27 A60 clear

Cat. no. 602552

Philips Sealed Beam lamp 24V 120W E27 Par38, spot

Cat. no. 616744

Philips heating lamp 230V 150W E27 BR125 red

Cat. no. 618112

Philips heating lamp 230V 250W E27 BR125 red

Cat. no. 618122

Philips heating lamp 230V 250W E27 BR125 clear

Cat. no. 618132

Philips heating lamp 230V 375W E27 R125 clear

Cat. no. 618138

Philips heating lamp 230V 100W E27 Par38 red

Cat. no. 618142

Philips heating lamp 230V 175W E27 Par38 red

Cat. no. 618152

Philips Oven lamp 220V 25W E14 T22 300°C

Cat. no. 632114

Philips halogen lamp 230V 48W(60W) R7s 78mm

Cat. no. 650700

Philips halogen lamp 230V 120W(150W) R7s 118mm

Cat. no. 650766

Philips halogen lamp 230V 160W(200W) R7s 118mm

Cat. no. 650774

Philips halogen lamp 230V 1000W R7s 189mm

Cat. no. 650472

Philips halogen lamp 230V 1500W R7s 254mm

Cat. no. 650488

Philips Halogen lamp 230V 1000W E40 38.5x256mm

Cat. no. 652354

Philips EcoClasic burner 12V 25W Gy6.35 clear

Cat. no. 659562

Philips EcoClasic burner 12V 35W Gy6.35 clear

Cat. no. 659566

Philips Halogen lamp brilliantline 12V 20W GU4 30° 14625 FTD

Cat. no. 654636

Philips Master City CDO-TT 70W 828 E27

Cat. no. 664852

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