AJT provides electrical products and equipment for shipping, offshore and industry
from world-renowned suppliers.

Our broad range of products includes explosion proof lamps and lighting, navigation, cables, batteries, switchgear and much more.
All certified to meet global standards and perform to the highest level of safety and reliability in hazardous locations and environments.

Total amount of products: 519

Duracell Rechargeable (Active Charge) NiMh AAA/HR03 1,2V 900 mAh

Cat. no. 135824

Duracell Rechargeable (Active Charge) NiMh AA/HR6 1,2V 2500 mAh

Cat. no. 135836

Varta Button cell Lithium CR1220 3V Ø12x2,0mm, on blister

Cat. no. 133373

Varta Button cell Lithium CR1225 3V Ø12x2,5mm, on blister

Cat. no. 133374

Varta Button cell Lithium CR1616 3V Ø16x1,6mm, on blister

Cat. no. 133377

Varta Button cell Lithium CR1620 3V Ø16x2,0mm, on blister

Cat. no. 133378

Varta Button cell Lithium CR1632 3V Ø16x3,2mm, on blister

Cat. no. 133379

Varta Button cell Lithium CR2016 3V Ø20x1,6mm, on blister

Cat. no. 133382

Varta Button cell Lithium CR2025 3V Ø20x2,5mm, on blister

Cat. no. 133386

Varta Button cell Lithium CR2025 3V Ø20x2,5mm, on 2 pcs blister

Cat. no. 133387

Varta Button cell Lithium CR2032 3V Ø20x3,2mm, on 5 pcs blister

Cat. no. 133392

Varta battery tester LCD digital 1,2V-9V

Cat. no. 135700

Varta Mini Day Light LED Flashlight, including 1-cell AAA

Cat. no. 129810

Varta Premium Aluminium LED Flashlight, including 3-cells AAA

Cat. no. 129826

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Varta Aluminium Light Pro F30 LED Flashlight, including 3-cells AAA

Cat. no. 129827

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Varta XS Outdoor Ambiance LED Lantern, runs on 3-cells AA

Cat. no. 129853

Sealed Lead-acid Battery 12 volt 7.0Ah F1 151x65x93.5/99mm

Cat. no. 131154

Bright Star Flashlight 2-cells D Type 2618 Heavy duty

Cat. no. 125106

Bright Star LED Flashlight 2-cells D Type 2618 LED

Cat. no. 125108

Bright Star Flashlight 2-cells D Safety Approved Type 2217 "with morse button"

Cat. no. 125146

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