AJT provides electrical products and equipment for shipping, offshore and industry
from world-renowned suppliers.

Our broad range of products includes explosion proof lamps and lighting, navigation, cables, batteries, switchgear and much more.
All certified to meet global standards and perform to the highest level of safety and reliability in hazardous locations and environments.

Total amount of products: 132

Eurodomest Fridge 95ltr 240V 60Hz White 85x45x47cm, with transformer 110/220V

Cat. no. 352524

Fridge 240ltr 220V 50/60Hz White 143x55x58cm double door, with transformer 110/220V

Cat. no. 352550

Fridge 350 (272+78) 240V 50/60Hz White 178x60x60cm double door, with transformer 110/220V

Cat. no. 352564

Eurodomest Bar Frige 50ltr 220V 60Hz 47.5x45x48cm

Cat. no. 353112

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Eurodomest Refrigerator 94ltr 220V 60Hz White 85x45x47cm CFC FREE

Cat. no. 353124

Fridge 275ltr 240V 50/60Hz White 145x60x60cm

Cat. no. 353140

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Fridge 367ltr 240V 50/60Hz White 171x59.5x65.5cm

Cat. no. 353149

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Fridge 208 (157+51) ltr 230V 50/60Hz White 140x54.5x54.5cm "double door"

Cat. no. 353150

Eurodomest Fridge 350 (248+78) ltr 220-240V. 50/60Hz White 178x60x60cm "double door"

Cat. no. 353164

Freezer chest 390ltr 115V 50/60Hz White 88x112x66cm

Cat. no. 353760

Freezer chest 300Ltr 220V 50/60Hz white, Sizes: 112x64x84cm (LxWxH)

Cat. no. 353870

Ice-cube maker 220/240V/60Hz 25Kg/24hour stock 6Kg

Cat. no. 354036

Ignis Dish washer 220-240V 60Hz, Type DWT902

Cat. no. 354536

Eurodomest Automatic washing machine 110V 60Hz 8Kg 800 Rpm, Front loader

Cat. no. 355138

Ignis Automatic washing machine 220-240V 60Hz 5Kg 500 Rpm, Front loader, Type IM602

Cat. no. 355236

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Ignis Automatic washing machine 220-240V 60Hz 7Kg 1000 Rpm, Front loader, Type IM10072L

Cat. no. 355242

Eurodomest Tumble-dryer 110V 60Hz 7Kg, with exhaust air

Cat. no. 355536

Eurodomest Tumble-dryer 220V 60Hz 7Kg, with exhaust air

Cat. no. 355636

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Ignis Condenser Tumble-dryer 220V 60Hz 8Kg 1870W 85x60x60cm, IGT822CD

Cat. no. 355646

Connecting-unit for washer/dryer

Cat. no. 355712

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