AJT provides electrical products and equipment for shipping, offshore and industry
from world-renowned suppliers.

Our broad range of products includes explosion proof lamps and lighting, navigation, cables, batteries, switchgear and much more.
All certified to meet global standards and perform to the highest level of safety and reliability in hazardous locations and environments.

Total amount of products: 132

Rice cooker 220V AC 1.5 ltr 8 cups

Cat. no. 351248

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Rice cooker 220V AC 2.2 ltr 12 cups

Cat. no. 351250

Rice cooker 220V AC 2.8 ltr 15 cups

Cat. no. 351254

Rice cooker 220V AC 4.2 ltr 23 cups

Cat. no. 351260

Hotplate 120V AC 1000W, dia 150mm

Cat. no. 351424

Hotplate 220V AC 600W, dia 145mm

Cat. no. 351440

Hotplate 220V AC 1500W with switch, dia 150mm

Cat. no. 351448

Hotplate 220V AC 1000/1000W with switch, dia 155/155mm

Cat. no. 351460

Hotplate with roll-framework 110V AC 1500W with switch, dia 187mm

Cat. no. 351612

Hotplate with roll-framework 110V AC 1000/1500W with switch, dia 152/187mm

Cat. no. 351624

Hotplate with roll-framework 220V AC 1500W with switch, dia 187mm

Cat. no. 351648

Hotplate with roll-framework 230V AC 1000/1500W with switch, dia 145/180mm

Cat. no. 351660

Microwave 110V 60Hz 20ltr with turntable glass-tray

Cat. no. 351808

Eurodomest Microwave oven 220V 60Hz 20ltr with turntable glass-tray, 5-programs

Cat. no. 351824

Clock wall mounting, quartz - battery operated

Cat. no. 351912

Insectkiller 230V with UV-lamp, cord and plug

Cat. no. 352112

Tropicalized Drinking watercooler 110V 50/60Hz

Cat. no. 352312

Tropicalized Drinking watercooler 220V 50/60Hz

Cat. no. 352324

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Filter Acti Carbon for Drinking watercooler KSW-291

Cat. no. 352336

Eurodomest bar refrigerator 48ltr 220V 60Hz 45x45x51cm, with transformer 110/220V

Cat. no. 352512

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