AJT provides electrical products and equipment for shipping, offshore and industry
from world-renowned suppliers.

Our broad range of products includes explosion proof lamps and lighting, navigation, cables, batteries, switchgear and much more.
All certified to meet global standards and perform to the highest level of safety and reliability in hazardous locations and environments.

Total amount of products: 110
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Plug watertight 4-pole Male "Aldis"

Cat. no. 185780

Receptacle/Socket watertight 4-pole Male flush mntg "Aldis"

Cat. no. 185782

Plug watertight 4-pole Female "Aldis"

Cat. no. 185788

Aldis carrying case 12V with batteries and 4-pole receptacle

Cat. no. 115206

Aldis carrying case 24V with batteries and 4-pole receptacle

Cat. no. 115212

Sealed Lead-acid Battery 12 volt 7.0Ah F1 151x65x93.5/99mm

Cat. no. 131154

Rechargeable storage battery 7S3P Woori type, for Aldis lamp 25,2V 5/3C 7000X20 Li-ion 10200mAH 130x65x66mm, two wires, no connector.

Cat. no. 131236

Batterycharger 220V 50/60HZ 15A 12/24V complete with Aldis Plug

Cat. no. 115224

Batterycharger for Aldis battery box, 220V 50/60HZ 24V AC/DC for Wall mounting, complete with 4 pole plug

Cat. no. 115226

Batterycharger 220V 50/60HZ for (Woori) Li-ion pack 29,4V-2A

Cat. no. 115230

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